Start by powering up the receiver or unplugging power from receiver to reset an already powered IRD.

After 2-3 minutes of the startup process, step 2 will start with the downloading of satellite info like pictured above. Right when this screen shows press and hold the [Red Dot] button for 8 seconds until menu appears to the right.

Press the left arrow button on the DRE remote so that cursors moves from right options to the left navigation menu.

Once in the left navigation menu, cursor down with down arrow until highlighted over the “Satellite” option like shown above and select.

You will have two options appear on the right, select “Repeat Satellite Setup”.

Since we are not worried about a tuner conflict at this point select “Yes, Interrupt”.

To confirm your selection you need to press the DASH ( – ) button which is the button in the bottom left corner of the DRE remote.

Go ahead and select your dish type if it doesn’t automatically populate. Then you can cursor down to tuner one and select “Auto”. Once you have “Auto” selected, cursor over to the right navigation and select “Recheck SWM”.

By Rechecking SWM, the set up will automatically populate your switch type that at finds

Making sure that we are still selecting “Auto” on Tuner 1 after swim type populates, we can now go to the right menu and select “Continue”.

The set up will start to verify configuration. During this part of the setup, it is not uncommon for some satellites in the testing process to come back with a red X and give the impression that testing failed. As long as we can select “Continue” in the right menu we can continue setup. We will use the AIM meter to verify signal before and after set up.

The setup process will start to download Advanced Program Guide Data and will have the progress bar and percentage at the bottom like shown above. Once completed to 100%, “Continue” will be available to select to the right like shown to the left.

Running Data Feed and Guide Tests

After continuing set up will run data feeds and guide tests and then you will be prompted with the completion of the set up. Select “Continue”.

Since you probably already have a remote that is programmed to the TV or you have a list of codes to program the remote manually, select “Setup Remote Later”.

You are completely finished with the set up process, go ahead and select “Watch DIRECTV“

Note: This Is something that you need to Know…Otherwise They will Take 5 Tuners on Your SWM

Note: H44 receiver requires a Recent software download. Using the remote enter 02468 at the Welcome screen: process takes < 5 min

H44 Commercial Mode

Highlight any of the options on the right menu of the dish setup screen (Continue, Etc.) But do Not select. Enter code 49757.

Commercial Mode message appears and you just need to press dash “-” to continue. h44 will reboot and download and then once finished you will have to go through the setup with the new configuration.

Commercial Mode Message

Note: Commercial Mode appears in the header under Satellite Dish Setup