DIRECTV Reverse Band 5 Satellite 4K LNB


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DIRECTV Reverse Band 5 Satellite UltraHD 4K LNB. This advanced technology device is designed to receive signals from satellites 99°, 101°, 103°, 110°, and 119°.

  • The latest in HD, Ultra HD and 4K programming.
  • Supports multiple receivers for a comprehensive home, commercial and lodging entertainment setup
  • Designed for use with DIRECTV Slimline Satellite Dishes
  • Compatible with SWM-30 multi-switch for seamless integration
  • We recommend the DIRECTV AIM Satellite meter for aligning this on your satellite dish
  • Weighs just 1 pound, making it easy to install and align.

Additional information

Weight 3.51 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 7 in

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