Hotel Products and Services

DIRECTV Systems:


Allows guests to be able “cast” or view their own content from one of the 1,000+ approved apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Pandora, etc. from their own mobile devices. It has never been easier for the guest to pair their device and immediately start casting their favorite TV show or movie. At the end of each check-out, STAYCAST automatically disconnects all connected devices   taking away the liability of the previous guest not disconnecting their device. STAYCAST can easily be connected to the Property Management System (PMS) for easy in-room check-in/check-out features.

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Smart Room Technology:


Works seamlessly with the hotel’s Property Management System to allow for easy check-in/check-out features, order room service, check local events, and schedule reservations for the hotels amenities from the ease and convenience from the TV in their room. Allows for digital signage throughout the property. 

Samsung’s LYNK REACH (Remote Enhanced Active Control for Hospitality) content management solution gives hotel managers visibility into and control of hundreds of on-site displays through a central server and elevates these displays into all-in-one hubs for personalized content, application and channel access.

Additionally, LYNK REACH accommodates any new or existing hospitality communication infrastructure, including coax, LAN and WI-FI, to drive faster and easier implementation. By promoting effective in-room communication and eliminating laborious maintenance tasks, LYNK REACH enables hotels to enhance guest stays at a reduced cost.

Additional Products and services for Hospitality:

Phone & Internet Service: Get the Highest Speeds Possible for your Business. We can provide you with internet and design the most optimal WiFi network for you. Do phones and DIRECTV and create your own Triple Play.

Commercial Displays: Keep your Business up to date with the latest Samsung or LG commercial grade TV’s. Rated for more hours and the highest picture quality in the industry. With the affordable pricing through Stealth Media.

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