Smart Rooms Just Got Smarter

CIRQ+ has elevated its capabilities to become the most advanced Smart Technology Platform in hospitality. The award-winning system has been engineered to enhance guest experience, improve hotel efficiencies, reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs.

CIRQ+ is a cloud-based platform, combined with a modular and future-proofed in-room hub that bridges the gap between guest comfort and engagement. The technology includes a connected IoT system and a state-of-the-art Autonomous Energy Management System to reduce property operating costs.

2018 Editors’ Choice Best New Hotel Product & 2018 Editors’ Choice Best in Show

Unified Technology Platform

CIRQ+ is the first and only patented, modular device in the industry. With its ultra-modern design, CIRQ+ consolidates numerous products into unified IoT solution that sets itself apart from the competition.

The next-generation system has raised the bar in terms of Guest Room Smart Devices by integrating an industry first multimodal interfaces featuring a gorgeous, round touch display and flexible voice controls. Guests have instant access to in-room controls, as well as easy access to hotel services, information and amenities providing an exceptional and memorable hotel experience.

Guest Experience

With the voice, touch, and App multimodal interfaces, guests can customize their ideal room environment including temperature, lighting, TV controls, as well as stream music from their mobile devices. Additionally, guests can instantly know what amenities and services are within the property and contact the front desk; book spa services; request housekeeping; call the valet, locate local entertainment; set a wakeup call; check-out; and more – all from the CIRQ+ platform.

In-Room Management

The CIRQ+ platform’s core offering is an integrated state-of-the art autonomous energy management system that allows hoteliers to adjust temperatures, lighting and environment when rooms are unoccupied, and return them to the guest’s last settings upon their return. Unlike other systems in the market that are cobbled together to claim energy management, CIRQ+ is the only technology that offers a complete solution. Hotels can reduce energy consumption to 20 to 50% (depending on the property and location) and reduce property operating costs to finally gain control of their bottom line.

Modular. Future-Proof.

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